LOJ Ministries was founded in August 2018 by Dr. Chris Gnanakan, Victor Stanley Jr., and Jeffrey Benson Jr. They started LOJ in order to train up young Christian leaders, developing in them a heart for the lost and the least. However, they recognized that often times parachurch organizations either siphon people out of churches and into their organizations to help accomplish their mission, or churches outsource their responsibilities to parachurch organizations. Thus, LOJ focuses on working in and through churches to help them fulfill the vision God has given them. We believe that the greatest testament of the power and love of Christ is a transformed life.

We work with local churches in the United States and various countries throughout the world, empowering them to realize their vision and mission to spread the transformational power of Christ and the Gospel throughout their communities. We carry out our work and partnerships through our daughter organizations: Hebrews4 & The Ozie Lee Project. Therefore, our mission is simply this:

“To strengthen churches and Christians around the world to transform their communities.”