We have a theology that encompasses of every area of life. As Christians we live lives that are presented as a living sacrifice unto the Lord (Rom. 12). Our engagement with society, culture, and the world around us must be markedly different. The greatest testament to the work of Christ is a transformed life.

LOJ Ministries shall pursue:

Restoration. Seek the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional restoration of broken people through the Gospel. We work with Christ to make all things new.

Conservation. Work to establish a culture of care for all of creation. Caring not just for people, but also for the physical lands they inhabit.

Innovation. Utilize business-as-missions with an emphasis on ethical and fair-trade business practices. Leverage these businesses as a means to support churches and Christian ministry in their communities. Injustice and oppression are present throughout global businesses and industries. Christian businesses should function differently than this.

Renovation. Publish Christian voices through various media that speak into all areas of life. Train pastors, leaders, and missionaries to practice a holistic faith. Our faith is not relegated to a specific area of life, rather it permeates all of life calling us into a particular kind of life, that is a Christ-centered one.

Cultivation. Cultivate strategic partnerships with both domestic and international churches and Christian organizations. Working together on purposeful projects that have the goal of transforming communities worldwide.

We fulfill our mission, vision, and purpose through LOJ’s two arms: Hebrews4 & The Ozie Lee Project.