The vision of The Upper Room is grounded in what we call the 3Ds: Detect, Develop, Deploy. We work with students to guide them in Detecting/Discerning their calling, Developing their spiritual giftings, and then partnering them with our missions division (OLP) to get them Deployed to the missions field. We emphasize that the missions field is both across the street and across the world. We want to see students live life as citizens of the Kingdom of God on mission for and with Christ.

Dr. Chris Gnanakan oversees The Upper Room, but it is led by students under his mentorship. Weekly these students lead their peers in Bible studies and education and prayer for unreached people groups. Through teaching and discussion students gain better understanding of their gifting, and clarity in their calling. Over the course of the school year this spiritually formative group develops a clear vision for their lives in how to live out Christ’s command to go and make disciples, whether that is across the street or across the world.