LOJ Ministries & The Ozie Lee Project’s partners in Peru run an organization called Empowering Quechuas, and they work among the Quechua people. The Quechua Indians are a noble people who take pride in their identity as descendants of the mighty Incas. Sadly, they are largely overlooked by modern Peruvian society and government. They are capable and hardworking people, but lack the capital, training, and education needed to become leaders in their communities, and to prosper in business and in life.

Empowering Quechuas aims to provide spiritual and technical training in order to give the Quechua people a hand up out of physical and spiritual poverty. Empowering Quechuas provides technical training for entrepreneurship, financial competence, and business skills development. They provide children with the opportunity to pursue a higher education and to train their soccer skills at a high level to open doors to playing professionally, while teaching them important Biblical values. They also provide pastors and church leaders with Biblical and spiritual training to lead their communities in a well-informed way towards truth and growth in Christ.

Overall, Empowering Quechuas works tirelessly to empower the Quechua people towards an improved standard of living and quality of life, equipping them with sustainable skills that will last a lifetime.